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Robertson Agrees to Debate

Robertson Agrees to Debate 

The Robertson for Congress campaign today announced Mark

Robertson’s agreement to debate other First Congressional District

candidates on KLAS TV Channel 8. The tentative date is September


Channel 8 awaits acceptance agreement from all candidates,

including incumbent Dina Titus, who rejected Mark’s debate invitations

during the 2022 campaign.

Nevadans have questions about Titus’s support of Joe Biden’s

repeated policy and administrative missteps. She should answer for


Titus’s debate presence would force her to discuss the issues, instead

of her campaign’s repeated false attacks on Mark’s character, then

denying having made them.

Robertson commented: “I look forward for the opportunity to contrast

my position and values to hers.”

Mark Robertson is the Republican candidate currently running for U.S. Congress in Nevada’s

First District against Democrat Dina Titus. Learn more about Mark Robertson and what he

stands for at www.robertsonforcongress.

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